How to Insert Elements at Specific Index of Array

In this blog, I will discuss various possible methods in JavaScript to insert an element at a specific index of array. Out of all the methods splice is my most favorite as it is the shortest to write. I have discussed other methods that will help you learn various array methods which might be useful in solving various kind of other coding problems.

Using Splice Method:
You can use the splice() method in JavaScript to insert an element at a specific index of an array. This method is versatile; you can use it to delete or insert an element at a specific index or even to delete or insert multiple elements starting from any array index. It’s a truly a valuable array method in JavaScript that you must learn.

splice method is used to change the contents of an array by deleting existing elements or adding new elements. To insert an element at a specific position in an array using splice, you can provide the index at which you want to start modifying the array, specify the number of elements to delete (which is 0 for insertion), and then provide the elements you want to insert.

Here’s the basic syntax for using splice to insert an element into an array:

array.splice(startIndex, deleteCount, item1, item2, ...);

startIndex: The index at which to start changing the array.

deleteCount: The number of elements to remove from the array. If set to 0, no elements are removed.

item1, item2, ...: Elements to add to the array.

// Example
let animals = ['lion', 'tiger', 'elephant', 'zebra'];
let newIndex = 2; // Index at which to insert the element
let newAnimal = 'giraffe';

animals.splice(newIndex, 0, newAnimal);

console.log(animals); // Output: ['lion', 'tiger', 'giraffe', 'elephant', 'zebra']

You can also use splice to delete element or replace element at specific index . You can do this by specifying a non-zero value for deleteCount and providing new elements in place.

Let’s discuss more approaches to solve the problem.

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