How to Solve Phpmyadmin Inaccessible Error on Xampp Mysql

If you are trying to access localhost/phpmyadmin on xampp localhost and getting an error that access denied for localhost or any other error. This blog is going to help you in solving it so that phpmyadmin will become accessible again.

Error might look something like below picture, or you might see some other error making phpmyadmin inaccessible. You can try solution on this blog to resolve the error.

xampp localhost phpmyadmin error

First check if server’s user , password and host is correctly set in file in C:\xampp\phpmyadmin directory. file

Next stop the Apache and Mysql modules in Xampp control panel, then access my.ini config file.

my.ini config file for xampp mysql

Add skip-grant-tables below [mysqld], save the file, start modules again, you will be able to access localhost/phpmyadmin now.


You can first take back up of everything before trying anything else after this point. Export all website’s databases as .sql files from phpmyadmin , copy website files from C:\xampp\htdocs directory to somewhere else outside of xampp directory.

Now, after reaching this point there are many solutions which may or may not work. Below solution might work for you but has not worked for me , in phpmyadmin select mysql , then user table then click on repair table.

mysql user table - repair table

If above solution does not work then reinstall xampp (Before reinstalling xampp make sure you have exported all website’s database as .sql files from phpmyadmin and website files from C:\xampp\htdocs directory). If your website’s folder name is suppose your_website then you can access the website on the url localhost/your_website in your browser. You need to save all your_website kind of folders including files inside it, somewhere else outside of xampp directory. You can copy and paste the complete folder somewhere else on your computer.

Once you take back up of everything, delete xampp folder and reinstall xampp.

Reinstalling xampp worked for me. It’s bit of hard work to go through full back up and reinstallation process but it will work for all kind of errors you are getting. Once reinstalled you can import all .sql files again and paste all your_website folders to C:\xampp\htdocs directory .

I hope this blog has helped you in solving the phpmyadmin related error.

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