How to Improve React App’s Code

You know how to build basic react app and want to improve it further then read this article. You can use these suggestions to improve your react app’s code.

  1. Modularize the code: Consider breaking down the component into smaller reusable components. This can improve code organization and make it easier to understand and maintain.
  2. Utilize constants: Instead of hard-coding values like and initial states directly in the component, consider defining them as constants at the top of your file. This improves code readability and makes it easier to modify values in the future.
  3. Error handling: Implement error handling for the fetch requests in your event handlers. You can display an error message to the user or handle the error in a more appropriate way based on your application’s requirements.
  4. Type checking: Consider adding type checking to your components using a tool like PropTypes or TypeScript. This can help catch potential bugs and make your code more robust.
  5. Optimize re-renders: Analyze your component’s re-rendering behavior and ensure that unnecessary re-renders are avoided. Use React’s React.memo or shouldComponentUpdate lifecycle method to prevent re-rendering of components when their props haven’t changed.
  6. CSS improvements: Refactor your CSS styles to be more modular and reusable. Consider using CSS modules, CSS-in-JS libraries, or a CSS preprocessor like Sass to better manage your styles and make them more maintainable.
  7. Explore related libraries: If you’re building a more extensive application, you might want to consider using existing related libraries or APIs that provide functionalities already built that you are looking for. This can save you development time and provide a more robust solution.
  8. Unit tests: Write unit tests for your components and logic to ensure their correctness and catch any regressions. Utilize testing frameworks like Jest or React Testing Library to automate your testing process.
  9. Responsive: Make your react app responsive using React-socks or React-responsive library.
  10. Routing: Make sure you are using routing for menu items and links ,
  11. React Components UI library: You can use react components libraries such as Material UI, Ant design, React Bootstrap, Semantic UI react, Chakra UI, Blueprint, Rebass, Evergreen , Carbon, Grommet etc, to use pre built react components into your app.

There are many more general things like avoid code repeating, use git to manage version control of your code etc. For a start the improvement suggestions made in this article will really make your app to reach next level. By implementing these suggestions, you can enhance the code structure, performance, and maintainability of your application.

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