How to apply Linear Gradient Css

Linear Gradient Css:

A linear gradient css serves as a technique to populate a background with a seamless shift from a set of colors progressing in a direct line from a starting point to an endpoint in a specified direction this method permits the crafting of visually pleasing backgrounds and the application of effects on elements.

The fundamental structure for generating a linear gradient css is as follows

background: linear-gradient(direction, color-stop1, color-stop2, ...);

  • direction: This indicates the direction of the gradient line. It can take values like to top, to bottom, to left, to right, to top left, to top right, to bottom left, to bottom right, or you can use an angle in degrees (e.g., 45deg).
  • color-stop: These are the points where the gradient transitions from one color to another. You can specify one or more color stops, each consisting of a color and an optional position percentage.

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