Double Question Mark ?? in JavaScript, TypeScript and React

JavaScript ?? In JavaScript, the double question mark ?? is called “nullish coalescing operator.” It is a relatively new addition to the language, introduced in ECMAScript 2020 (ES11). nullish coalescing operator provides a concise way to handle default values when dealing with null or undefined values. The syntax of nullish coalescing operator is as follows: […]

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TypeScript Comprehensive Guide

You’ll be reading:Setting up typescript development environmentInstall TypeScript Globally:Create a build command to compile Typescript files:Basic tsconfig.json settings:Update the start script:Using ts-node for development environment:Different types in typescriptBasic Variable Declaration:Function parameter and return type:Object with Specific Properties:Array with Specific Element Type:Type Inference:Optional Properties in Objects:Arrays Using Explicit Type Annotation:Arrays Using Generic Array Type (Array<T>):Objects Using

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